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Choose a Program for your Dog

professional k9 training classes in north carolina.

28 Day board and train

Transform your dog's behavior in our comprehensive 28-day in-school "Boot Camp." During this immersive program, your canine companion will experience a structured daily schedule while staying at our facility. Our team at Wagner K9 is dedicated to instilling foundational obedience through extensive repetition—over 100 sessions in just four weeks. But our approach doesn't stop there.

Our training program consists of three key components:

  • Obedience Training

  • Coaching Family Members

  • Free Help for Life

Our training focuses on developing a strong dog/handler relationship, equipping your dog to walk on a leash properly even in distracting environments. In addition to basic commands, we use words like Wait, Stop, Out, Okay, NO, and Go Potty to enhance your dog's understanding.

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